Muffin Trays

Our muffin tray is made with board for the tray itself and Swedish greaseproof resistant paper for the cups. Framework and cups come as a complete unit. The cup are pressed not glued in. A metal muffin pan is not required to use it.

After baking, cups are released from the frame by pressing out the cup or by separating the frame along the perforation. The baked product is released from the cup by pulling outward on the cup collar.

The following are some benefits when using our muffin tray: no needs of metal pan to bake with, no greasing, no washing or no glazing, energy saver with a lower baking temperature and a shorter time than metal pans, a cost saver by a reduced labor cost through handling

8 - Muffin tray - Stock Item


Item Code





1024 5033 02



24 cups - 2 oz by tray


1024 6233 02



24 cups - 4 oz by tray



9 - Custom printed muffin trays and cups - Special Order


All our muffin trays and muffin cups can be custom printed separately or togheter. Printing centered, random (continuous print) are both available. Please ask for further information.



10 - Custom tray and divider for Tulip Cup and Lotus Cup - Special order


All our Tulip cups and Lotus cups can fit in a custom tray or holder. Please ask for further information.