About Us

Today, food is not just something to eat. It’s healthy, gustative, ecological and economical choices. In this connected world, each one can cross other foods cultures, unknown flavors and savories.

From the store at the corner to the upscale specialties gourmet place, from internet or your garden, from industrial production or handmade, that’s the new face of our industry. It brings to all of us new challenges, new opportunities.

In this maelstrom, a basic rule is still valid: you can produce the best goods of the world, first judgment will come from the look on. When you bake or cook, you put all your passion, knowledge and love in your goods. So, why kill this luxurious cake by using this horrible box? Why kill this fabulous cupcake by this poor white cups? Why destroy this macaron because there is no divider in the box to make it shine? Why pack this 5 stars meal in a common styrofoam box? The list could be longer.

What is a perfume without the bottle? A gift without pretty wrapping? A jewel without a velvet case?

Packaging is a key

We, at Mitili Paper, propose and develop standard and custom lines, for daily use or extraordinary moment. We do think the love you bring in your goods, needs more than packaging: it needs Art.

That’s what we do